“You make the best possible choice if you can already see the result on your own body. All my patients are very enthusiastic about it, and so am I.”


Xander Bakker

Frequently asked Questions

Can I also show the result at home?

Yes, that is possible, you will get a link to the images. You can also view the result of the treatment you have chosen on your own phone, tablet or computer to look at it again at home or show it to others.

How many changes can I still make?

I will tell you, from my experience, what the best options are to choose from. But you can change the details of your treatment as much as you want and view the results in 3d, on screen, in advance.

Why is this so unique?

You can not only view different treatment options, but also see the result on your own body. You can see the different results on the screen of your phone, computer or tablet. Or, with the virtual reality glasses, you can already see your new you with your own eyes.

Does it look creepy and scary?

The images do not look scary, nor is it creepy to watch. All my patients think it is fantastic and are very happy with it, even if it is a bit of a shock in the beginning when you see yourself with the treatment already done.

Before and after photos

View your own before and after photos (slide over the photo)
View your own before and after photos (slide over the photo)

View your own before and after photos (slide over the photo)
View your own before and after photos (slide over the photo)

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Being able to see the result lifelike

Everyone wants to see the result on forehand. Does your facelift look natural? Do your new breasts fit your body? Is your new nose going to be what you had in mind? Do you need a little bit more filler? You know, in advance.

I am happy to give you this special service. Preview the result in advance. You can still adjust everything. Looking at before and after pictures of other patients is not the only thing to do anymore. You can view your own 3-d before and after images.

During the the consultation I take pictures of you and the software does the rest. For a wide variety of treatments, you will have the opportunity to explore different options and choices and try it, lifelike, on your own body.

You no longer have to worry about making the wrong decision as to whether the treatment will meet the desired result. With these special 3-dimensional images of your own face and your own body, you can view your new look from multiple angles. And if you do not like the result, we will adjust the treatment to meet your wishes completely.

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