“Cosmetic surgery can help you feel beautiful again. And when you feel beautiful, you will feel confident again. Go for a result that is as natural as possible.”


Xander Bakker

All body treatments

Are you annoyed by your sagging breasts? Do you want to have normal and beautiful breasts again? Breast Lift

Are your breasts too big and too heavy? Do you like to have smaller breasts? Breasts that fit your body?Breast reduction

Do you want a belly that is tight and slim? A belly without the excess skin? Tummy tuck

Are you annoyed by those fat deposits that do not go away? Do you want to get rid of them forever? Liposuction

Are you dissatisfied with your breasts? Are they too flat or too small? Do you want to have fuller and larger breasts? Breast augmentation

Next to treatments of the body, I also have a lot of experience with facials.Treatments face

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