“I had been annoyed with my protruding ears for so long. I always combed my hair over them. I should have done this procedure years earlier. Really fantastic that I can put my hair in a ponytail now.”


Jacqueline (26 years old)

Frequently asked Questions

Do I have to worry about ugly scars?

An ear correction is a relatively simple procedure. With protruding ears, the cartilage of your ear will be corrected. You will get a scar on the back of the ear so that it cannot be seen by others.

When can I go home?

An ear correction is performed under local anesthesia. You can go home almost immediately after the procedure.

Is this procedure reimbursed by the insurance?

Because of the psychological consequences, a protruding ears correction is reimbursed for children up to the age of thirteen. For other ages, a correction of protruding ears is seen as a cosmetic procedure and therefore not reimbursed.

When can the bandage be removed?

For a week after the procedure you should wear the bandage around your head, day and night. After that you only wear a sturdy hairband at night, for two weeks. This is to prevent the ear from collapsing while sleeping.

Before and after photos

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More protruding ears before and after photos

Plastic surgeon

Doctor Xander R. Bakker

I am an experienced plastic surgeon, specialized in cosmetic surgery. I have been working as a plastic surgeon since 2005. For a long time, I have been working as an all-round plastic surgeon in several leading hospitals. Therefore, I have gained a lot of experience. Plastic surgery of the face has always had my special attention.

My work requires a personal and tailor-made approach. This is what makes my work so fascinating. Every time I ask myself: ‘Will I be able to bring a change, which makes the patient happier?’ It is always great when this is possible, but sometimes it also means saying ‘no’.

I focus completely on aesthetic plastic surgery. My areas of interest are the face, breast corrections, liposuction and lipofilling of the face and body. By attending many international conferences and courses I stay up-to-date. This way you can be assured that I always deliver state-of-the-art work.

Plastic surgeon Xander Bakker

my specialties

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